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UNLOCK: Juon by applePAI UNLOCK: Juon by applePAI

c h a r a c t e r

>Name: Corea (Ko-ri-yā) Juon (古里愛(コリヤー) 樹音)

>Nicknames: Jupyon, Sarcasm-san, Idiot-senpai, Korea 

>Age: 16

>Gender: Male

>Birthday: March 1st

>Height/Weight: 5’7”/144lbs | 170cm/65kg

>Nationality: Japanese (maternal)/Sri-Lankan (paternal) (born in Japan)

>Year: 3rd

>Roommate/Housemate: Yamamoto Yuudai

>Club: Guardians, Swimming


Juon was the first born child to a Japanese mother and Sri-Lankan father, in a rural town of Japan. His father was a traveling businessman, who had met his mother on one of his trips, only to take a liking to Japanese society and settle down there. Juon had always been very close to him, though his job had still kept him away from home more often than not. 

He spent most of his childhood with his younger sister, Yonah—they were very close, and she stuck to him like a shadow growing up. When he got a little older, it dawned on him that he really made an impression on her, and that actions she would take would reflect on him, and that he had the responsibility of making sure she grew up on the right path as her big brother. For quite a while, he’d taken this very seriously, constantly hovering over her to keep her on what seemed like the right track. With their father usually gone, he had to take on the role of the man of the family. As time passed, his time with Yonah became less of fun and more of a chore. A responsibility. She had gotten in trouble a lot of the time, and he always had to be there to take the load of the burden and bail her out.

And it wasn’t until he was pushed to his limit that he was forced to vocalize his frustration—his stress had gotten to him, and all he wanted was independence from the pressure of his family, of his responsibilities—from Yonah. He started acting more on his own and trying to escape his duties; he’d try and avoid her, getting away before she could notice, or getting himself distracted with other things to avoid interacting. 

Toward the end of high school, he requested that he transfer to an academy across the country—his parents agreed initially, but not too shortly after, it was suggested that Yonah enroll there, too. Outraged by the idea and misinterpreting it as Yonah trying to follow him there, he argued back against her with the fury of all his pent-up anger. Their father silenced them immediately, scolding Juon heavily for his reaction and his behavior. It broke him a bit, emotionally; an idea that he had initiated, yet be believed he was continuing to be shoved the blame for his sister’s actions. All he wanted was to do something on his own, to be independent from having to constantly put the needs of others over his own. It was shortly after this that his egg was born; the day that they were to leave. 

Their relationship was highly fractured when they departed for Seiyo Academy; she assured him that she wouldn’t need his help, that she would be fine on her own, but he wasn’t so sure.


Juon is a master of pessimistic self-fulfilling prophecies. He may not believe that he has bad karma, but the evidence is all there—though he tries to have good intentions with his actions, they always have some sort of negative twist that comes back to bite him. If something’s going to go wrong, he already knows that it probably will. These are things he goes so far as to state when things are going well—that, since it’s him, something’s bound to turn for the worst any second. And, due to his firm and unwavering belief of this, something always does.

But it’s not that he’s a bad person; generally, he’s a rather friendly young man with extroverted tendencies who enjoys being active. He’s just very negative in his outlooks, which turn a lot of his attitudes bitter and a lot of his remarks sarcastic. It’s something he can’t help, though; at least not anymore—the tendency grew from using that negativity as a self-deprecating joke into an actual component of his personality as its usage continued over the years.  

While he lets his opinions be known without much restraint, he keeps the truth of his feelings under lock and key, as he tends to be embarrassed of his true emotions. He’s ridiculously soft underneath it all, but he’ll go to any length to try and prove otherwise.  

- Cloudy days
- Rain
- Codfish
- Watermelon
- Jelly beans
- Quiet spaces
- Quiet sisters
- Gardens
- Antiques

- Excessive noise
- Loud sisters
- Pop music
- Baggy clothes
- Cute anything
- Bubbly personalities
- Bright lights
- Heavy things

-"I do not have bad karma!" 
- “This is going too well. Something’s about to go wrong.”
- “I’m not going to wait for you!”
- “Do you really have to be so loud?”

- Corea Yonah - Extremely unhappy at the fact that his younger sister is attending with him, he has expressed this to her directly, and it’s made it very difficult for them to interact. He spends much of his free time making sure that she's alright, but goes to ridiculous lengths to assure that she doesn't know it. 
- Hanabusa Nao - Though they had an odd start to their friendship, their bond is a very strong one. Juon always appreciates Nao's company (even if Nao isn't always fully "there") and feels like he can speak freely around him. Nao needs a lot of help with everyday things, though, and Juon's instincts as a brother make him unable to not do so, whether he wants to or not.
- Yanagi Toru - Finds Toru and interesting and curious person; they hit it off rather well in their first meeting, and he enlightened Juon about a number of things regarding his mysterious egg, long before it had shown any sign of hatching. He respects Toru, and finds him a reliable friend.
- Louise Teo - Initially rather fierce rivals, Louise's odd personality rubbed off on him, and he grew to like her. Though she can be rather frustrating, he tries to look out for her, as something about her mannerisms always struck him with the slightest twinge of worry.
- Seiryun Towa - Didn't like him at first, but the antics that ensued during their meeting made him correct his opinion; Towa is pretty chill and straight to the point, which are traits Juon appreciates--not to mention he doesn't mind a bit of a risk.
- Tachibana Akiko - Severe are his mixed feelings toward Akiko--he constantly goes back and forth with whether or not he can decide if she's tolerable to be around. The fact that she can kick his ass makes it hard for him to have any kind of confidence when she's around, and it keeps him a little down. Despite this, she has her good points, and her actions often surprise him.
- Yamamoto Yuudai - His roommate; a very interesting guy with very interesting hobbies. Juon has an appreciation for the work that Yuudai does, even if he doesn't understand it; he's very easy to talk to, though, despite his rather intimidating appearance and height. 
- Tanaka Kou - No doubt one of the strangest people he's ever met--not that it's necessarily a bad thing. Though he found it excruciatingly difficult to talk to her, it was obvious that there was a number of layers of compelling traits beneath it all. He notes her talent as an artist, too.
- Matsuo Rie - The first thing that comes to mind at the thought of her is how damn good of a baker she is. Though very she, he found it obvious that she was a good person, and very friendly when actively engaged, even if it took a bit of time before she could open up enough. Despite being rather awkward at interacting with first-years, he didn't have much of a problem doing so with her.  

>Voice: Onosaka Masaya

- Sighs excessively
- Rarely smiles
- Always finds something to complain about
- Collects antique cameras and brass buttons
- Despite being closer to his father, he bears a much stronger resemblance to his mother.
- Even with the existing tension with his sister, it won’t keep him from keeping an eye on her (whether she knows/likes it or not).
- Extremely quick to correct others, especially about names.
- Has a lot of issues to get over before he can even consider thinking about what he wants to do with his future.
- Gets extremely upset when people mispronounce his surname as korea. People often use it to tease him, as a result. 
- Compulsively carries jelly beans on his person, has a slight addiction. 

g u a r d i a n

>Name: Clip (クルップ)
>Gender: Male
>Would-be Self: Born from Juon's desire to be selfish--someone who has no problem putting themselves first, someone who can disregard anyone else around him and not have to care for/about anyone but himself. 

>Personality: Embodying a thief, Clip is quick, clever, and sharp-tongued; though he shows little regard for others, he's always looking to better himself and try to get ahead; ambitious, and at times arrogant, he can be reckless if the result would gain him benefit. Greatly enjoying the art of stealth, he prefers to go unnoticed, or make himself appear unexpectedly.

- Dark places
- Especially-sweet candy
- Maple flavors
- Laughing
- Sneaking

- Quiet spaces
- People who don't listen
- Crying
- Being loud

- "Why should I listen to your problems?"
- "Shh, I'm trying to sneak, here!"
- "I'll leave you behind if you get in my way!"

>Voice: Kikuchi Mika

- Character changes with "I, me, mine!" 
- Character transforms into Gravity Thief (グラヴィティシーフ)

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