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Four Generals and a Lieutenant by applePAI Four Generals and a Lieutenant by applePAI
Although they're not likely ever make an appearance in the main plot, ever, these guys do exist and they play somewhat of an important role in the Nove Mesto conflict and in the novel. They're all high-ranking officials within the military (although there are Generals here, General West is still above them as she's in the position of General of the Army). I just *cough* happened to doodle them, so here's a bit of information...
From Left-to-right (because what is legible handwriting):

General Nodding Jek: The youngest of the generals, and the only one that Vyra promoted herself (the others were standing from the previous GA). He has a more flexible mindset compared to the set-in-their-ways older men, which though sometimes brings light to new ideas, but conversely will sometimes make him sound as if he's supporting the other side. When among the other generals, he has the tendency to allow someone else to speak first, and then agree with them, instead of pitching his own ideas. He specializes in intel units of varying purposes and as an extension, understanding the enemy.

General Meo Hakjyn: The oldest of the generals, a ghastly thin man whose health is starting to fade, but he refuses to believe it. Fought in to the Rozpoutat War, he's one of the few living veterans of that and tends to make everything a reference back to it, much to the annoyance of those around him. He's very vocal and very strongly opinionated, and his old-fashioned mentality is sometimes a little outdated, but he becomes horribly insulted if someone tries to break this to him. He specializes in long-range and magic-using units.

Lieutenant Eld Nikon: Works directly under General West, dealing in many of the matters of paperwork and management (almost like a Company Clerk), because she absolutely would not have a Corporal working for her. He has a very easy time talking to people, including Vyra, and is very patient and well-mannered. He's a rather awful fighter, though, which was why he was selected for the position that he has.

General Oliver Gating: Described as somewhat of a sit-back man who had many people to do things for him, he thinks from different directions then the others, and he specializes in military strategy and cartography. It's unlikely that he'll ever see the light of battle again directly from the battlefield, for he prefers to station himself far above and watch from afar. These things are like board games to him, and he treats them just as casually, which sometimes makes him seem as if he doesn't really give too much of a damn.

General Wes Ridd: A fiercely loyal half-elven General, he has a massive stature and is not unfamiliar with the scene of battle. He's a very offense-oriented individual, and specializes in close-range and battle-mage units. Although he can sometimes be very reckless and he doesn't care enough about his own safety of the safety of his men, the intense physical prowess that he commands will usually overpower that. When he returns from battle, he'll often be praised and scolded simultaneously for his actions.
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Lizixl Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
ahhh what incredible sketches ;;
applePAI Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
jdfhureitjgf thank you so much ;v;;;
Yoriden Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
*grabby hands at Nikon* Can I have him? @.@
applePAI Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
=v= I like Nikon~
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